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Countdown to Christmas!
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Welcome to The Festive Forest

We founded The Festive Forest to reawaken family traditions and 

spark some festive joy into your living room this Christmas!


The Festive Forest is proud to provide our customers with quality, prime grade trees
selected from sustainable tree growers here in Scotland and deliver straight to your door.


Sustainability and community is at the heart of our business which is why a percentage of
each tree sold goes to our affiliated charities, Tree Aid and Spirit Aid.


Our wish this Christmas is for you and your family to find your special tree!

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Our trees are premium grade, making your tree the envy of your neighbours!

Our Trees



(Abies nordmanniana)

A beautiful Christmas tree adding glamour and grandeur to your home this festive season...



(Abies fraseri)

Making your home feel and smell like Christmas time with an incredible pine scent...



(Picea abies)

The old school Christmas tree taking you back to your childhood...


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Sustainably Sourced

All of our trees are sourced from sustainable tree growers who are conscious of their impact on the environment.




We only use prime grade trees, meaning all of our trees are selected from just the top 10% of any given crop, ensuring the best for our customers.


Locally Grown

Your purchase makes a difference!

Each tree is grown locally in Scotland, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint and support local growers.

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Socially Responsible

As well as being environmentally kind, each purchased tree does good within the community through our charity partnerships.


Pet and child friendly

The majority of our trees are 'non-drop', meaning their needles will stay in place over the whole festive period. Perfect if you have kids or pets!

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Our Growers

All of our trees are sourced from Duff Trees, a local,
sustainable tree grower who is committed to reducing their carbon footprint...

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For every tree felled,  2 are planted.


Good for the environment

Their plantation absorbs carbon dioxide and supports the eco system by being the home to many indigenous wildlife.


Greener Transportation

Their fleet of lorries are all under 2 years old, utilising the latest engines to reduce emissions.


Woodland Conservation

Creating new woodlands, planted with oak, birch, rowan and hazel on a 17 acre site and protect 50 acres of semi-ancient woodland, preserving native species.

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The tree is fully recyclable, the label is fully recyclable (with 50% from recycled plastics) and the pallets used in transportation are too.

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