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Our Trees

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Nordmann Fir

When you imagine a Christmas Tree, the Nordmann Fir is what you’ll picture!


A beautiful tree, the Nordmann Fir has become a classic fixture in British homes over the past few years due to its naturally symmetrical appearance and grandeur.

The Nordmann Fir has a dark green colour and its bushy foliage will add that wow-factor to your home this Christmas.


The Nordmann is our widest tree so if you want something to fill your space, this is the tree for you. If not, checkout our Fraser Fir!

The Nordmann Fir is a non-drop tree which means that if you keep it well watered and away from a heat source, the pines shouldn’t drop making for one less household chore this festive season!

Fun Fact: A Nordmann Fir can grow up to 30+ meters tall!

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Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir gives off the most amazing pine scent as well as being one of our non-drop trees. If you want your tree to smell like Christmas and you lust for that festive pine scent, this is the tree for you!

The Fraser Fir is more slender than the Nordmann, so might help those who have less space available in their homes.

The Fraser Fir’s foliage has a silver tint and dense branches right up to the stem. As the needles are on the soft side, this is something which may appeal to young families.

The Fraser Fir is a species of fir native to the Appalachian Mountains of the Southeastern
United States.The species ‘Abies fraseri’ is named after the Scottish botanist John Fraser (1750–1811), who made numerous botanical collections in the region.

Fun Fact: The Fraser fir has been used more times as the White House Christmas Tree than any other.

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Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce gives off a vibrant pine scent which will fill your room with Christmas joy!

Due to the fact that the Spruce sheds its pines, many people have turned away from it in recent years. It still holds a fond place in the hearts of the nation, having been a fixture in most homes for the last century.

The spruce is native to Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, and was later introduced to British lands. It was the most common tree in British households until the arrival of the Nordmann.

The pine scent is the real strong point of the spruce, but it’s the one tree that drops it’s needles so if you have pets, kids or don’t enjoy hoovering, then we advise you to look at the Fraser or Nordmann Fir.

Fun Fact: Every year the city of Oslo donates a large Norway Spruce to London, Edinburgh, New York and Washington DC to be placed in their central square. This gift symbolises their gratitude for help and aid received during the second World War.


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We have trees in all shapes and sizes from 3ft to 20ft so if you need a tree for an event or to fit a particular space, get in touch and we can provide you with a quote for your custom tree.