Nordmann Fir
  • Nordmann Fir


    The Nordmann Fir has become a classic fixture in British homes over the past few years due to its naturally symmetrical appearance and grandeur.

    The Nordmann Fir has a dark green colour and its bushy foliage will add that wow-factor to your home this Christmas. 


    The Nordmann is our widest tree so if you want something to fill your space, this is the tree for you. It is a non-drop tree which means that if you keep it well watered and away from a heat source, the pines shouldn’t drop making for one less household chore this festive season!

    • Care Instructions

      Christmas Trees are thirsty and so we recommend that your Christmas Tree is kept in our water holding stands and that you water your tree daily. This will keep the pines and tree healthy, for Christmas and beyond!

      It's also very important to keep your tree as cool as possible and so avoid placing it by heat sources, such as radiators or fireplaces. With the Scottish winters, we find that the best place to put your tree is by your window.

    • Delivery

      After you place your order, we will reach out to confirm a delivery date and time slot. We aim to be as accommodating as possible so get in touch if you need your delivery on a particular date or time.

      On the day, the team will deliver your tree and accessories to your front door or if requested, deliver the tree to your chosen location in your house.

      The tree will arrive netted, this protects the branches/pines and makes it easier for you to get it setup in your tree stand.

      Each tree will come complete with a handwritten tag so lookout for yours!