Fraser Fir

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The Fraser Fir gives off the most amazing pine scent as well as being one of our non-drop trees. If you want your tree to smell like Christmas and you lust for that festive pine scent, this is the tree for you!

The Fraser Fir is more slender than the Nordmann, so might help those who have less space available in their homes.

Its foliage has a silver tint and dense branches right up to the stem. As the needles are on the soft side, this is something which may appeal to young families.

The Fraser Fir is a species of fir native to the Appalachian Mountains of the Southeastern
United States.The species ‘Abies fraseri’ is named after the Scottish botanist John Fraser (1750–1811), who made numerous botanical collections in the region.

Fun Fact: The Fraser fir has been used more times as the White House Christmas Tree than any other.

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Sustainably Sourced

All of our trees are sourced from sustainable tree growers who are conscious of their impact on the environment.




We only use prime grade trees, meaning all of our trees are selected from just the top 10% of any given crop, ensuring the best for our customers.


Locally Grown

Each tree is grown locally in Scotland, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint and support locally based growers.


Socially Responsible

As well as being environmentally kind, each purchased tree does good within the community through our charity partnerships.

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Pet and child friendly

The majority of our trees are 'non-drop', meaning their needles will stay in place over the whole festive period. Perfect if you have kids or pets!

Our Charities


Our partnership with Tree Aid will see profits donated to maintaining a sustainable earth. Each tree that is purchased from the Festive Forest will see one tree planted in Africa.


Our partnership with Spirit Aid will see profits donated towards the Christmas Hamper appeal. 

Fraser Fir

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Available in sizes 5ft to 10ft

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