Real Pine Christmas Wreath
  • Real Pine Christmas Wreath

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    Christmas Wreaths are great for making your home feel like its Christmas Time from the minute you arrive at your door. 


    Our Christmas Wreaths are made from real pine branches which give off the most incredible scent! 


    Perfect for customising with the family, using lights, decorations and accessories.  (As demonstrated in the second image)

    Our Wreaths are 10inches wide. 

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    • Your Christmas Wreath

      Our Wreaths are made from real pine. This means that each one will be unique and come with it's own natural variations. 


      The wonderful thing about purchasing a Christmas Wreath made from real pine is that it smells incredible!

    • Care Instructions

      To keep your wreath looking healthy throughout the festive season it is best to hang it outside so that it can benefit from the cold air and Scottish rain.